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Microsoft is Fixing One of the Worst Things About Email

Reply-all storms may disappear entirely

We may be talking to friends and coworkers via instant messaging more than ever, but email isn’t going away anytime soon. Like it or not, we all depend on email to some extent, and we’re yet to see anyone overhaul the email experience. But several companies are still trying to improve email, and one of them is trying to fix one of the worst things about email. Microsoft has just enabled a feature it announced last year on Microsoft 365 (Office 365) accounts that will prevent annoying “Replay All Storms” in the future.

If you’ve been at the receiving end of a “reply all” email chain, you know how bad things can get. Someone in your organization chose “reply all” instead of “reply” intentionally or by mistake, and all hell broke loose from there, as others may have been tempted to go for “reply all” responses themselves.

Microsoft announced plans to enable a Reply All Storm Protection feature on email accounts at Ignite 2019, and the feature is finally ready to roll out to all Microsoft 365 accounts worldwide: "Initially the Reply All Storm Protection feature will mostly benefit large organizations who have large distribution lists. When the feature detects a likely reply all storm taking place on a large DL it will block subsequent attempts to reply all to the thread and will return an NDR to the sender. The reply all block will remain in place for several hours."

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