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How to Emerge Stronger after the COVID Crash

How organizations can adapt to scarce resources and fierce competition

COVID-19 has hijacked our cells, our families, our work, and our freedom of movement, rippling economic devastation across the world. An unparalleled recession is here, and its effects could remain for years to come. The first phase of any recession is shock. The second phase is starvation: of resources—primarily financial—but also of opportunity. 

For the last two months, businesses have been grappling with the question, “How long can we starve?” 

How long can we keep our teams intact? How long can we stave off deep cuts? How long can we go before we have to cut long-term investment for short-term survival? How long can we limp by before things return to “normal?” These questions will undoubtedly follow us for many months to come.

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