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Focus on Member Motivations to Drive Revenue During Pandemic

Look for ways to increase non-dues revenue

The swift and devastating impacts of the coronavirus are being keenly felt by the association community, and many are looking for ways to generate revenue in a stalled economic environment. At a recent Association Insights event held by Marketing General Incorporated (MGI), two experts said that while this situation is new, tried and true techniques will still work to drive revenue.

“We were doing just great and then COVID-19 hit. Everything changed,” said David Schulman, president of Associations Rewired. “A lot of us panicked and are trying to figure out what are we going to do now.”

Schulman does not recommend panicking as a solution. Instead, he said, use some basic truths to guide your revenue-generating ideas. “Your members are you customers; your sponsors are your customers; all your stakeholders are your customers,” he said. “Treat them that way.”

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