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Daily Buzz: A Membership Marketing Playbook for Challenging Times

Communicate, touch, embrace from a distance

In difficult times, what should associations’ marketing strategies look like? Provide members with value and you can still achieve growth right now, said Tony Rossell on the Membership Marketing Blog.

“Today we are aware of some clients seeing the biggest new member months in their history by providing members and prospects with critical information, advocacy, and community during this pandemic,” he said. “Associations that have messages and services to help members’ immediate needs can flourish even in this challenging time.”

Of course, strategies will vary between organizations based on their situation. For associations that are currently offering indispensable services, the plan should be to aggressively market to gain market share, Rossell said. For groups facing membership challenges, do everything you can to hold on to the members you already have.

“Reach out to them with all the tools you have available including email, telephone, texting, and digital media,” Rossell said.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel, Rossell added. He cited data from multiple Membership Marketing Benchmarking reports, which captured the performance of associations after the 2009 recession.

“Following the economic downturn, the proportion of associations reporting increased membership rapidly rose from a low of 36 percent in the 2010 report to nearly 50 percent and higher in the following benchmarking years,” he said.

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