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Be a Voice of Optimism in Uncertain Times

Messaging during tough times must be intentional and hopeful

We live in unprecedented times characterized by fear, anxiety and uncertainty. These emotions are permeating every area of our society. If we are not careful, optimism will be lost, replaced by a sense of hopelessness, dread and despair. Now more than ever, leaders have a profound responsibility to develop messages of optimism and hope. This may sound counterintuitive.

However, messaging during tough times must be intentional, future-focused and hopeful. Some may read this as disingenuous. In fact, it is one of the few tools that leaders have for steering their associations through today’s turbulent times.

This article presents practical, actionable strategies that association leaders can use to message appropriately in light of the threats that could potentially derail their organization’s progress and decimate their members’ businesses. Before presenting the strategies, there is an important theory that is worth considering. It is social constructionism. This theory is anchored in the idea that we have the power to create meaning together. Further, shared meaning has tremendous value in creating positive change. One of my interpretations of social constructionism is that language is our most powerful tool of creation and re-creation.

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