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Daily Buzz: Members Can Still Volunteer During COVID-19

Provide opportunities even in difficult times

How can associations help members and their communities during the COVID-19 pandemic? Offer volunteer opportunities. This will have a positive impact on your community and your volunteers , said Erin Halley on VolunteerMatch.

“Studies have shown that volunteering is good for your mental health,” she said. “According to a VolunteerMatch study with UnitedHealthcare in 2017, there are many mental and emotional benefits to volunteering with 93 percent reporting an improved mood.”

Now is a perfect time to offer virtual volunteering, since volunteers will need only an internet connection and a computer or phone. Virtual opportunities have grown among nonprofit organizations since the pandemic began.

“We at VolunteerMatch have seen a large shift to virtual opportunities, which is now at over 630,000," Halley said. "According to our survey in March, 32 percent of nonprofits started creating more virtual opportunities.” 

In-person opportunities are also possible as long as you ensure that volunteers follow CDC guidelines on social distancing and staying healthy. 

“Communities are needing your help now more than ever when it comes to volunteering in person as some volunteering can’t be done virtually,” Halley said.

If potential volunteers express concern about in-person volunteering, you can ask them to review safety tips from the nonprofit Points of Light.

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