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Business Continuity Tips for Retailers

COVID-19 has brought much uncertainty to businesses across the nation

COVID-19 has brought much uncertainty to both large and small businesses across the United States. Many retailers and restaurants have been forced to temporarily close as a result of lockdown mandates to help combat the spread of the virus. And many more will end up shutting their doors permanently because economic ramifications were too great to overcome during this pandemic.

For the merchants who are still up and running, business continuity is key to survival. While organizations cannot predict or fully prepare for an unforeseen event like this, there are tips that you can implement to help minimize the impact to your business now:

  1. 1. Tell customers that your business is open. Post on social media and send emails to inform customers that you are open and ready to serve them. Promote your business in every way possible. Constant communication is key, and it helps your business stay top of mind.

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