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What One Founder Learned Running 100,000 Virtual Meetings

Employing the tactics that work best

For many business owners during this pandemic, running a company from home is brand new. For Chris Dyer, the founder and CEO of background-check company PeopleG2 (No. 4535 on the Inc. 5000), it's just another day at the (home) office.

The entrepreneur has run the Brea, California-based shop--with 35 full-time employees and 3,000 contractors--remotely for nearly 11 years. "We were built to operate this way," says Dyer, whose company was founded in 2001, but went remote in 2009 to cut costs. The company booked $5 million in revenue in 2019.

In that time, Dyer estimates PeopleG2 has held more than 100,000 virtual meetings. There's an art to it, he says--and that's especially true in uncertain times. You need to call enough meetings to stay up to date, but not so many that employees spend the whole day on video-conference calls and can't get work done. You also need to keep those meetings efficient and professional, but acknowledge that many participants are dealing with care-giving responsibilities, subpar work-from-home setups and their own physical and mental health. 

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