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As Job Losses Mount, Tourism and Hospitality Bear the Brunt of Slowdown

This segment saw 7.7 million jobs go away last month

The economic impacts of COVID-19 become more apparent with each new set of job and sales figures, but the pain is not spread evenly. Some industries have taken much harder hits than others, leaving many people insulated from the worst impacts — at least for now.

The past week’s unemployment figures offered a glimpse at the differences. The overall numbers were stark and troubling — a decline of 20.5 million jobs for the month of April. Beneath that top number, however, there are discrepancies.

A huge amount of those losses, 38 percent of them, came in just one set of industries — leisure and hospitality, which saw 7.7 million jobs go away last month. A distant second on the list was education and health services at 2.5 million jobs lost. Professional and business services saw 2.2 million jobs go. Retail lost 2.1 million positions. And manufacturing saw a 1.3 million job decline.

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