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Masks are Changing How We Look at One Another

They also are impacting how we look at ourselves

Melina Basnight looks into the camera and applies two shades of eyeshadow: a periwinkle blue and a bright, bold ochre. It’s like any other tutorial on her YouTube channel, Makeup Menaree, except that it’s based on a new premise: that all points south of the eyes will be eclipsed by a mask.

“I do have some other contours that are a hot damn mess all over my mask, but this seems to stay in place pretty well,” she said, and slides the loops of a plain black face mask — the little black dress of pandemic protection — behind her ears. “You can see the contour and blush, and everything is in an area where the mask does not sit.”

Her brow pencil is working overtime. Lipstick is an afterthought.

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