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Daily Buzz: How HR Can Help Organizations Through Uncertain Times

Keep employees motivated and prepared for change

HR departments are vital to the success of an organization—and that doesn’t change during a crisis.

“Through a detailed analysis of the business’s operations and personnel’s position within the organization, HR can develop techniques to ensure that the company remains viable even with a minimalist staff present,” said the Forbes Human Resources Council.

During times of change, employees will likely suffer from stress and anxiety. HR departments can employ methods that help guide them through it, including scheduling regular check-ins, providing resources to get help, and offering fun activities.

“Keeping people engaged and informed is always important, but now it is critical to ensure employees feel like they are part of something bigger,” said Justworks' Lisa Calver, a member of the council.

Times of uncertainty may also bring about new opportunities, and HR can take the time to re-skill employees so that they are ready for new roles. That way, professionals aren’t left behind when their industry changes.

“Work and education will look different post-crisis,” said Explorance's Yvette Kennedy, another member of the council. “Identify future-state skills, conduct gap assessments and plan for re-skilling and redeploying employees post-economic transformation.”

Inevitably, employees will have questions when the future is uncertain. HR can make it easy on employees by setting up a clear communication system so that they know exactly who to go to for answers.

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