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Fear of Returning to Work: When You're Ready but Your Employees Are Not

Chances are some of your employees are still dealing with anxiety

For business owners grappling with how and when to reopen their companies, one thing is apparent: Despite what local and national leaders may say, governments don't open economies--economies reopen when citizens feel safe enough to resume their usual activities. And it's possible many of your employees aren't there yet.

Covid cases and deaths are still on the rise in some areas even as states begin to loosen their social distancing restrictions. So it's not entirely surprising that in a recent survey conducted by global human resources consulting firm Mercer of 735 U.S. employers, more than 45 percent said they are already struggling with workers who are reluctant to return to their workplaces because of fear of getting sick. 

Thus, the pandemic has created a monumental dilemma no leaders have faced before--reopening means asking your team to run the risk they may be exposed to the virus; staying closed any longer means you may never have the means to open again. 

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