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Daily Buzz: Inspire Your Team During Uncertainty

Help them cope with unexpected realities

It’s easy to lose determination at work in the midst of a crisis. To guide their organizations through difficult times, leaders must consider how their employees are coping and help those who are struggling.

“Some people might feel rebellious, while others struggle with sadness and a lack of motivation,” said John Boitnott on Entrepreneur. “Your employees are likely still struggling to balance a range of emotions.”

Lead with emotional intelligence. In times like these, employees are worried about job security, remote work complications, health concerns or even the loss of a loved one.

“These workers need a leader with empathy for all the emotions they’re currently experiencing,” Boitnott said. “To address their needs, engage in active listening. Obviously, you don’t have solutions for all their problems, but pairing listening with a kind word can be enough to help them cope.”

If many of your workers are concerned about not being able to address personal responsibilities, consider shortening the workweek to four days. They’ll have more time to take care of family and practice self-care.

“They’ll be able to address family needs, like online schooling, grocery shopping and meal prep," said Boitnott. "Extra time will also help them keep up with exercise, sleep, and other wellness activities that’ll help boost their immune systems."

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