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Academics Reap the Benefits of Attending Events

There is value in networking, recognition and conversation

A recent PhD study from Wonderful Copenhagen presents the impact business events has on the academic Community. Financial benefits apart, attending and chairing a congress can affect the academic field involved through three different parameters, i.e. buzz, networking and recognition.

While buzz gives researchers access to informal information that is key to being at the forefront of developments within their field, Networking involves increasing visibility and developing scientific collaboration. Recognition refers to exchanges that are essential for functioning in the current academic system and is the end purpose of chairing and attending. 

“This unique study has identified some clear benefits to the academic community. We hope it will encourage and inspire academia, associations, and Convention Bureaus around the world to better understand and communicate the beyond-tourism-effects of international congresses. Being able to actually identify a broader impact of academic events is ground-breaking and should lead not only to an even closer collaboration between academia and Convention Bureaus but also to better evaluation of congresses,” said Kit Lykketoft, Director of Conventions at Wonderful Copenhagen.

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