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Daily Buzz: Create a Volunteer Newsletter

How adding another newsletter can make your communications more efficient

Does your organization communicate frequently with volunteers? It might be time to start a newsletter dedicated to that audience. Without one, you might be inundating volunteers with a flurry of emails.

“Adding another thing to your communication schedule may not seem all that enticing at first, but a volunteer newsletter can actually streamline your communication,” said Wild Apricot’s Tatiana Morand. “Sending a newsletter can actually reduce email by corralling all the necessary information into one place.”

Publishing an effective volunteer newsletter means taking a few things into consideration. First, keep it short and don’t overload readers with too much content. If you have long pieces of content to share, include a couple of paragraphs in your newsletter and link to the rest of the story on your website, Morand suggested.

When it comes to what content to include, ask your volunteers if you’re not sure.

“As time goes on, you can also check in with your audience by looking at your email analytics,” Morand said. “What kind of links do they click on? Which emails never get opened? That’s all data about what your volunteers want in the newsletter, too.”

Don’t forget to show appreciation for your volunteers in your newsletter. Morand said to showcase their contributions, thank them publicly and celebrate their service.

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