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Ohio Began Reopening Six Weeks Ago and Hasn't Experienced a COVID-19 Surge

The state's not seeing any significant increase, reestablishment of a wave or a peak

As several states start to see a surge in COVID-19 cases since reopening, Ohio has not. Over the past six weeks, Ohio has gradually lifted its stay-at-home order. The result: a plateau in newly reported cases and a decline in hospitalizations, both reported and estimates of people currently hospitalized.

Since May 1, the seven-day rolling average number of newly reported cases per day has dropped from 476 to 391; the number of weekly cases for the week ending Monday was the lowest since the second week of April; the number of currently hospitalized patients went from an estimated 1,067 to 513; the percent of tests returning positive results each day has dropped from 10.7 percent to 3.2 percent; and a smaller percentage of people who have tested positive for the virus (not antibodies) have been hospitalized.

"We're not seeing any significant increase or reestablishment of a wave or a peak in Ohio and that’s great," said Mark Cameron, an infectious disease researcher and professor at Case Western Reserve University. "What that could mean is that people are still generally following the guidelines."

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