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The Heart of CEO Effectiveness

Staffs can make the difference between realized ambition and lost opportunity

This is the first of two articles on how CEOs and their support staffs can work together to strengthen CEOs’ effectiveness with customers, shareholders, stakeholders, and citizens. This article examines the structure, roles, and practices of strong CEO offices and support staff. The next article will discuss how CEOs can develop high-performing support teams.

The most valuable resources of CEOs are their time and energy. They need to be efficient and effective in each interaction. High-performing support staffs can help their bosses achieve these aims, which are even more important in the coronavirus era, while amplifying their reach and sharpening their focus.

By "CEO staff," we mean chiefs of staff and executive assistants (EAs). Less commonly, an organization will have a dedicated office of the CEO. In bringing structure, roles and practices to the CEO’s day, these critical staff members can boost a CEO’s effectiveness.

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