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Here’s Everything Apple Announced at WWDC

The company’s developer conference was rich with announcements

Software developers look forward all year to the crush of Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). The big gala, held every June, gives Apple devs a chance to share knowledge, contacts, and stories (plus a few late-night refreshments) with each other in person. Of course, Apple also uses the venue to announce all of the new software features—and new hardware—coming to the company's lineup in the second half of the year.

This year's WWDC, like so many other events, was moved online. Developers may not get to hang out in meatspace this year, but they are able to watch the educational sessions as streaming videos. The Monday morning WWDC keynote will also be streamed, and Apple has been using the occasion to deliver its usual slate of updates. Here are the highlights:

New Macs Will Run on Apple-Made Chips
Rumors that Apple would ditch Intel’s x86 chip architecture for its own ARM-based processors in Mac computers have persisted for years. Today, it finally happened.

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