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Daily Buzz: Avoid These Common Leadership Mistakes

Work with people who want organizational - not personal - success

Being an effective leader is not easy, and some of the behaviors you think might be helping employees could actually be hurting their performance. For example, you may think frequent meetings help you and your team stay on the same page, but they’re probably getting in the way of work.

“Meetings need to create value for employees, such as brainstorming ideas, reaching a crucial decision, or coordinating work. If it’s about anything else, skip it,” said Syed Balkhi on Business Insider. “Give your employees back their time by choosing your meetings strategically.”

Additionally, there is such a thing as giving employees too much information. Vague directives are a problem, but an unfiltered stream of information can do just as much to derail employee success.

“‘Drinking from the firehose,’ as many people call it, is overwhelming and decreases productivity,” Balkhi said. “Deliver information in smaller chunks and through multiple channels to give them a chance to assimilate the information better.”

And while some level of managerial control is useful, micromanaging subordinates causes disruptions.

“Preventing employees from owning their work, their domain or their role stifles their productivity and abilities and reduces their appetite for innovation and work,” Balkhi said. “Let go and give your employees the freedom to work. Offer guidance and suggestions, not mandates and orders.”

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