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New Challenges Going Virtual

Event design has changed 100 percent in the past four months

Over the last few months the event industry has been turned upside down. The event design, as we knew it until this year – at least for the moment – is invalid. Bringing people together and the exchange of knowledge remain the main topics – just the ‘how-to’ has changed 100 percent. Due to the emergency braking in mid-February the entire industry was digitised by force. The only alternatives in the beginning seemed to be cancellation or postponement. Then the virtual meeting came along.

While a full blown virtual meeting never was an alternative to a live event due to lacking social interaction, it was suddenly the only cure for an industry that came to a sudden halt.

Event Design has a lot to do with empathy and interpersonal relations, something that is very tough to replicate in a virtual environment. While many discover videoconferencing for the first time and explore the possibilities that are available from the various providers – this by far should not be the only way to transfer a conference into a virtual meeting. 

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