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Daily Buzz: How to Work Well With Your Board

Establish clear boundaries, guidelines and expectations

Working productively with your organization’s board is not always easy. But there are a few strategies that, over time, can change the way you work with board members, said Callie Walker on MemberClicks.

“To set both you and your board members up for success (and minimize tension and frustrations between the two), start by creating a guide that clearly outlines the role of the board as an entity, as well as individual expectations,” she said.

In this guide, touch on items such as why the board exists, what board members’ individual responsibilities are and key staff roles and expectations. That way, all parties clearly understand their roles and staff members have something to point to if board members overstep boundaries.

That said, board members shouldn’t be viewed as obstacles or adversaries. Walker suggests thinking of them as additional resources who can improve your organization.

“Get to know them," Walker added. "What’s their background? What experience do they have that could help you and/or your organization? Have they ever worked for an association or chamber before?"

Make sure interactions with board members are productive by preparing for meetings. Create an agenda ahead of time so you stay on track and know exactly what points to cover.

“And one more tip: If possible, limit your strategic topics to three or less per board meeting. This will help keep people focused and ensure more decisions are actually made (rather than just discussed),” Walker said.

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