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Why AI Is Not Getting The Spotlight During The Pandemic

AI’s role in getting us through this pandemic remains cloudy

The massive shift to working from home has put virtual collaboration companies like Zoom in the headlines. The same dynamic is playing out in healthcare as hospitals—in an effort to prioritize in-person care for coronavirus patients—are trying telehealth product suites, such as TelaDoc’s, to manage cases and scale up.

AI’s role in getting us through this pandemic remains less straightforward. That’s because AI can’t be as readily plugged into organizations that have been forced to go virtual nearly overnight. In addition, AI serving in point solution roles has limited impact.

Benchmark Capital’s Chetan Puttagunta was insightful on the first point. As the pandemic accelerated in the U.S., he reminded us that during previous downturns, technology vendors whose solutions could be implemented quickly and easily rose to the top. If it takes too long to implement a technology, the customer is in a holding pattern.

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