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Coronavirus Tracker: Making Masks Work With Hearing Loss

July 10, 2020

Current updates on association response to the global COVID-19 crisis, along with a roundup of conference, travel and business news and information.

Masks for the Hard of Hearing
Wearing masks is increasingly becoming a way of life for many people. But for those who have experienced hearing loss, they can create major challenges for communication.

With that in mind, the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) has released a series of recommendations for those who need to communicate with Americans who have hearing issues.

In their guidance, ASHA recommends a number of basic tips—including having a speaker’s full attention, speaking louder and slower, using hands and body language to communicate, and moving to a quiet place. The association also recommends using masks that have clear panels over the mouth, which can be found for sale online.

In addition, ASHA offers tips for those using hearing aids or cochlear implants, which may obstruct masks or make it difficult to attach the mask properly. The association suggests solutions such as wig tape, headbands, or a button extender, as well as considering a mask with string ties rather than ear loops.

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