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Dear CEOs: America Needs Your Leadership

We must address the racist division of power that exists in our country

It has been just over a month since America watched in horror as George Floyd uttered those three harrowing words, “I can’t breathe.”  Even today, it’s still hard to get that picture out of our minds. Since that time, there has been a steady build-up of disturbing incidents that have put racial injustice clearly on display in our nation. In cities large and small around the world, protests, demonstrations and sometimes riots show us the visceral pain and outrage of the black community about the horrific racial injustices they still face. To add insult to injury, this is against a backdrop that is in stark contrast to the way white people can live. Rarely is their value or their place in the world questioned. Rarely, if ever, do they wonder whether the nation they live in is meant for them.

It is clear that there is a racist division of power in our country that must be dealt with. It will take all of us. Among the best places to start is with the true leaders in our nation, CEOs, who are instrumental to when, where and how fast change happens.

The time to react is over. 

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