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To Boost Summer Tourism, Local Businesses Offer 'Safe-cations'

Americans are hitting the road and heading to secluded spots

In January, when North Dakota's tourism department revealed its tagline for 2020, the coronavirus had barely registered in the U.S. But by summer, the slogan--"Follow your curiosity, not the crowds"--had proved prescient. The avoid-the-crowd trip now has a name, too: the "safe-cation."

Summer travel in the U.S. will fall at least 15 percent compared with last year, with air travel down 74 percent, according to a June report from AAA and IHS Markit. The great American road trip, however, is back in a big way, and businesses in certain domestic tourism hubs are bound for a boost--that is, if they can master the social distancing and cleanliness protocols that have become the hallmark of a "safe-cation."

While socially distant camping, hiking, biking, and family-friendly outdoor excursions are experiencing ballooning popularity--and RV rentals have skyrocketed, too--places like the Berkshires in Massachusetts and the Dakotas are also selling travelers on a "safe-cation": a trip spent mostly in wide-open spaces, with beefed-up cleaning and distancing practices wherever you must encounter other people.

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