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The New Normal for Hiring and Onboarding

Different rules now apply

The “new normal” at associations means that though they still have to go about the business of hiring and onboarding new employees, they have to do it in a virtual environment. As I write this, a fifth of the jobs posted at ASAE’s Association Career HQ allow telecommuting, and all of them, at least in the short term, will require an unprecedented level of comfort with managing and collaborating with colleagues virtually.

Those challenges, combined with a major economic downturn, can make C-suite hiring unusual for both employers and candidates alike. According to a recent report at Fast Companyemployers are learning to address questions about their organizations’ financial stability when reaching out to potential hires, and the perks packages are changing as well.

“Explain in job postings things like mental health days, expected hours ‘on-screen,’ stipends during work from home, equipment, or other related benefits,” one HR manager explained. Some companies have gone so far as to limit hiring to referrals only, according to the article, for fear that it’s too hard to get acquainted with a candidate you can’t meet in person. But companies have found ways to get to know a candidate remotely, according to Fast Company, whether it’s through social-distanced interviews or short-term projects that help candidates and employers get to know one another.

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