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Worldwide Coronavirus Cases Surpass 15 Million

COVID-19 is raging around the world

The global tally of people infected with the coronavirus (COVID-19) has surpassed 15 million Wednesday, while in the worst-hit pandemic hot spot of the United States, President Donald Trump warned the pandemic would “get worse before it gets better.” 

There are more than 617,000 killed from the virus, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. The U.S. has continued to see large outbreaks and a national death toll of 142,350 people.

New York, once by far the leader in infections, has now been surpassed by the country's largest state, California, for the number of cases, although that is partly due to robust testing in a state with more than twice the population of New York. California had more than 409,300 infections, while New York had 408,800 according to the Johns Hopkins count.

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