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In the New Age of Remote Work, People Under 30 Might Finally Kill Email

Younger workers are more likely to use a unique mix of apps for collaboration

Working from home is not for everyone. Yet anyone who still has a job and is able has been thrust into it. From the early days of the work-from-home mandate I have been watching how this distributed teamwork is impacting both organizations and employees.

That’s the subject of the latest update to consulting firm Creative Strategies’ workplace collaboration research study, in which we asked nearly a thousand U.S. (remote) workers about their go-to tools for working on projects with peers. These are some of the highlights.

Diverse Set of Tools in Use Every Day
If you listen to Microsoft talk about Office, or Google talk about GSuite, you’d think each of their paying customers uses only their software and nothing else. In the modern workplace, that is simply not the case. More and more employees want to choose the software and services that work best for them and their team. More often than not, employees are choosing those solutions from many different companies, not just one.

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