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Daily Buzz: Google Offers a Search Console Breakdown

You can now analyze traffic in new ways

Have a site on Google News that pulls in traffic?

You might be aware that trying to figure out how much traffic that page is pulling in can be a real challenge. Traditionally, Google hasn’t separated traffic out between the main version of Google and its news tab—a frustration for publishers, who often are reliant on the search engine’s traffic.

But last week, the company announced changes that will separate out that traffic more efficiently using its search console. The result could make it easier for analytics teams to target their efforts toward the popular news aggregator.

“Until now, there has not been a way for Search Console users to isolate, analyze, and compare traffic originating from the news tab,” Search Engine Journal’s Matt Southern explains. “Now it’s possible to look at this data on its own, or compare it with another individual set of data.”

Google says this feature was demanded by users for years, so if you were looking forward to it, there you go.

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