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Resilience Means Putting Members First

This is especially important during times of crisis

In the face of the worldwide pandemic, many organizations experienced what could be likened to pushing an airplane off a cliff and trying to fix it on the way down.

For the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP), the impact of the lockdown was felt immediately from all sides of their operation. “We were balancing two things,” said Dennis Sadler, NASSP’s Deputy Executive Director for Operations. “One was recognizing the challenge that every principal across the United States was dealing with in having to shut down their schools and switch to remote learning for their students. And the other part was figuring out how to support our own staff so that we could keep operating effectively.”

Pre-COVID-19, the NASSP had what Sadler calls a “traditional culture” with no existing work from home policy. The transition would not be simple, but having implemented a new technological infrastructure at the association a few years prior, Sadler felt confident that they could manage both ends of this historic disruption. 

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