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Software CEO: Be Honest During a Crisis

Right now, it's okay to take a pause

OneStream Software CEO and co-founder Tom Shea has a unique blend of technical, financial and leadership expertise. As his career began, he was really an engineer cloaked as an accountant. The engineering side finally won out and led to him becoming an entrepreneur and CEO as well.

As the leader of OneStream and an architect of its cloud-based financial management platform, Tom’s success is in the numbers: OneStream reached $130 million in revenue in 2019, reporting a 50 percent year-over-year revenue growth and a 99 percent customer retention rate. Their customers are world's largest companies' CFOs.

It was interesting to hear Tom discuss his transition from being a founder/specialist CEO to a generalist focused on helping the company scale and grow. Of note also is his insight that taking a pause due to the pandemic can be of value to a growing company that must reinvent itself every few years.

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