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Survey: Parents are Worried About Reopening, Schools

They don't believe a work-from-home approach is the answer

This is Working Together, a weekly series on the changing face of U.S. business. This week, we’re taking a deep dive into our recent survey on how workers feel about the prospect of returning to the office. I discussed the results with fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff and ABC News host Rebecca Jarvis. You can catch the conversation at the end of this article.

When schools first closed because of the pandemic, Monica Molina worked from home three days a week to guide her five-year-old daughter through her virtual classes. Molina’s mother pitched in the other two days. But as offices begin to reopen, the 39-year-old Austin, Texas-based senior construction accountant is concerned she might have to quit her job entirely. 

“If I am asked to return to the office full time, I believe that I will have no other option to introduce my resignation and look for another company that allows employees to work from home,” she wrote on LinkedIn. “Times have changed, employers and employees need to adjust.”

Molina is one of thousands of working parents on LinkedIn who are feeling stressed and anxious about the prospect of returning to a physical office amid the pandemic, according to a new survey of 1,000 workers across the country conducted by LinkedIn and Censuswide. While 33 percent of workers without kids are worried about offices reopening before the end of year, that figure jumps to 40 percent for parents with kids at home.

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