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Daily Buzz: Tips to Unlock Your Team's Potential

Those who feel a sense of purpose will thrive

Leaders have the power to help employees reach their full potential. But what is the benefit to the organization? Though potential is not a tangible thing, maximizing it will yield tangible results, said Marcel Schwantes, founder of Leadership From the Core, in Inc.

To help employees grow, Schwantes suggests connecting their work to the organization’s purpose. Leaders can share success stories—such as positive customer reviews—to show employees how they are contributing to the mission. Leaders can also create purpose statements for their specific team that ties into the greater organizational purpose.

“The modern workforce values purpose above a paycheck. People want to feel connected to something bigger than themselves—something making a difference in the world,” Schwantes said.

Leaders can motivate employees by helping them set meaningful goals. These goals should be authentic to each individual and can bridge the gap between their personal and professional lives, such as increasing sales to pay for a family vacation. Once employees have a plan in place, leaders can help them achieve it by breaking it down into measurable objectives and checking in on their progress.

Additionally, employees who feel comfortable being themselves at work will excel. To cultivate this workplace environment, leaders must demonstrate authenticity themselves, Schwantes added.

“Leaders must first understand their own ‘internal operating system’—the strengths, weaknesses, opinions, attitudes and beliefs that motivate their behavior,” he said.

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