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Daily Buzz: Strategies to Boost Your Organic Reach

Understand each platform's best practices

If you’re looking to improve your social media presence, your first instinct might be to just funnel more money into your ad budget. But don’t forget about the power of organic reach.

“Businesses often underestimate the importance of organic marketing,” said Katie Sehl on the Hootsuite blog. “But organic social is the foundation that your ad strategy rests on. Behind every successful ad campaign is a consistent and creative social media presence that strengthens brand, relationships and trust.”

For better organic reach, social media managers need to understand the best practices for each platform. Familiarize yourself with your platform’s demographics, features, tools like hashtags, geotags, people tags and shopping tags to better connect with your audience.

Consistency is also important: Make sure to post regularly and at the same time, Sehl said. Find out when your audience is online and active so you can determine the best time to post. Creating a content strategy and social media content calendar will help you stay on track.

Don’t just post consistently—respond to users consistently as well.

“People are much more likely to engage if they know they may get a response from you,” Sehl said. “After you post something, stick around and respond to your first few comments. This will increase the odds of you receiving more. It’s also a good opportunity to promote brand values and personality.”

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