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The Keys to a Successful Virtual Onboarding Strategy

WFM means onboarding has changed, too

The pivot to virtual work these last few months has also required associations to pivot to virtual hiring and onboarding. To successfully bring new staff into the fold, organizations must ensure they’ve created a thorough process and translated the culture of the office to the online world.

“Without the ability to just pop by and see someone or say, ‘Hey, let’s go grab some lunch,’ we had to figure out how would we onboard someone in a completely remote way,” said Cynthia Schaal, chief operating officer at Exponent Philanthropy.

Schaal and colleagues were in the process of hiring two new employees back in March when the pandemic hit. That meant they had to finish the hiring and onboarding processes virtually. Luckily, the organization had just finished revamping its onboarding strategy, detailing all the tasks involved to ensure every new hire received the same experience.

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