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Four Email Tech Trends to Observe Closely

Email marketing is a strategy that evolves and shifts nuance

Email marketing is an evergreen strategy, but that doesn’t mean the technology itself stays still. In fact, evolutions in email tech could open up new opportunities if you’re ready to leap on them. It could be the difference between a forgotten email and one that hits all your metrics in a big way.

These are a few email tech opportunities worth keeping an eye on:

Images in Gmail promotion cards. For years, Google has been adding support for metadata that allows email messages to take advantage of extra features in Gmail and similar tools. One that could boost open rate on mobile is the addition of promotion cards, which some Gmail users may see when opening up the promotions tab. By adding this data, you can get an extra visual pop that a subject line might not be able to pull off on its own. The tech platform FreshInbox has a tool for adding the images to your messages.

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