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Emotions Aren't Automatically Bad for Your Career

Stop believing emotionally-related myths

Emotional depth is not something to be resisted in the workplace. It's a trait that makes you powerful. Consider this: 

  • People with higher sensitivity are consistently rated as the best performers by their managers. 
  • Research by Google also shows that teams where the leaders and team members feel free and safe to express their emotions, fears, and concerns are more innovative and productive. 
  • Being emotionally aware can put more money in your pocket. People with higher EQ earn on average $29,000 more than people with lower EQ. 

Put simply, embracing all of these skills and qualities—your emotional sensitivity, depth, and intelligence—can make you richer, happier, and more effective all-around. 

Let’s bust three of the most common myths about emotions in the workplace and replace them with facts. 

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