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Daily Buzz: The Path to a More Diverse Nonprofit

How removing unnecessary recruitment barriers serves your organization

Looking to diversify your nonprofit? Your organization’s recruiters, HR executives, and leaders must be more intentional in their diversity efforts, said Lisa Magill on the Nonprofit Hub blog.

“In order to see a meaningful shift, we need to evaluate our current processes and be open to changing the way our teams are currently filling roles,” she said.

Take a look at your job descriptions: Is every listed requirement necessary? Make sure you’re not overstating the level of experience needed to excel in the role, such as required degrees or number of years of experience. Discouraging qualified candidates from applying at all will prevent you from seeing a wider range of individuals.

When recruiting, make an effort to look outside your personal network, which might only consist of similar individuals.

“Nonprofit roles are often filled by word-of-mouth, allowing the homogeneity of social circles to directly impact the potential diversity across candidates,” Magill said. “In order to increase diversity within your organization, you must look beyond personal networks and strategically leverage a broader list of resources and job boards.”

Additionally, your diversity efforts will improve if you also focus on current employees.

“Their day-to-day experiences, how satisfied they are in their work, and whether they feel empowered in their role will directly impact not only retention and productivity but also your ability to attract new talent,” Magill said. 

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