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COVID-19 & Ohio: Re-opening of Adult Daycare Facilities, Mapping and More

August 20, 2020

Today, Governor Mike DeWine and Lt. Governor Jon Husted provided updates on Ohio's response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

DeWine today released this week's Ohio Public Health Advisory System map. New health data compiled by the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) indicates that nine counties currently have a very high risk of exposure and spread. 

"Ohio continues to see a shift in virus spread. In urban areas, where residents have been wearing masks longer, we're seeing spread decline, but rural areas are seeing more spread," said DeWine. "The best ways to stop the virus continue to be staying home when you can, wearing your mask and social distancing when you go out, and washing your hands often."

Detailed information all of Ohio's 88 counties can be found on the Ohio Public Health Advisory System's website. The system was developed to provide local health departments, community leaders, and the public with data and information on the severity of the COVID-19 spread in the counties in which they live. The system consists of four levels with specific risk-level guidelines. Each level is calculated with data gathered on seven public health indicators

The governor also announced adult daycare centers and senior centers may open at a reduced capacity beginning on Sept. 21 if the facilities can meet certain safety standards outlined in a forthcoming health order.

"By delaying the opening, we are providing time for each center to properly prepare based on the order's guidelines," said the governor. "Each center should consider a variety of factors when determining its ability to reopen, including the case status in the surrounding community."

The Ohio Association of Senior Centers (OASC) and those representing adult day centers nationally and locally assisted in developing the ResponsibleRestart Ohio plan for adult day care and senior centers. The full plan and health order soon will be posted online.

In addition, DeWine announced that a statewide testing initiative for Ohio's more than 765 assisted living facilities is now underway to offer baseline saliva testing to all staff and residents at no cost to the facilities. The tests can be self-performed or performed with assistance, under the observance of licensed medical staff. Baseline saliva tests are minimally invasive and provide reliable results in approximately 48 hours upon the lab’s receipt. An order requiring all assisting living facilities to participate in the testing initiative will be posted soon online.

Today, DeWine asked the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) board to send up to $1.5 billion in dividend payments to Ohio employers this fall.  This dividend equals approximately 100 percent of the premiums paid in policy year 2019. Dividends like this, as well as previous ones, are possible because of strong investment returns on employer premiums, a declining number of claims each year, prudent fiscal management, and employers who work hard to improve workplace safety and reduce injury claims.

If approved by the board, this would be the second dividend of $1 billion or more since April and the third dividend since 2019.  BWC anticipated providing a dividend next year, but with Board approval, they will issue one now to provide some immediate economic relief to employers amid the ongoing pandemic. Checks would be distributed by BWC in late October. 

Additionally, DeWine asked the BWC’s board to approve of a second distribution of face coverings to Ohio employers and their workforce as part of BWC’s Protecting Ohio’s Workforce - We’ve Got You Covered program. This second round will consist of approximately 23 million masks to employers and are meant to replace any masks that have exhausted their effective use. DeWine has also asked that the BWC work to purchase as many masks as possible made in Ohio. In the first distribution of face coverings, the BWC shipped 20.6 million masks to 197,000 employers and their workforce.

The Ohio Department of Administrative Services (DAS) will be working with Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose to ensure that Ohio's 88 boards of elections have the personal protective equipment (PPE) needed to execute early in-person voting and voting on election day. DAS will provide an estimated 800,000 masks, 64,000 face shields and 26,000 gowns. These are expected to be distributed in early September. 

Following a deadly week of gun violence that resulted in at least 56 people shot, including 17 people who were killed, DeWine again called on the Ohio General Assembly to consider legislation currently pending to address gun violence. The legislation would get tougher on those who’ve committed a crime with a gun and are likely to re-offend; increase penalties for those found carrying a weapon if they’re legally prohibited from doing so; and increase the penalties for knowingly providing a gun to a minor or to someone who is legally prohibited from owning one. The legislation would also require that warrants on dangerous, wanted offenders are entered into law enforcement databases to ensure that officers have the information needed to arrest those who have committed violent crimes.

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