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What to Know Before Sending Your Kids Back to School Online

Here are tips to help them make the most of the experience

Heading back to school is a trial, and would be even in a year without a global pandemic. That pandemic has already forced some school districts to close or hurriedly switch their classroom models to incorporate online classes or shorter school days. Whether your children are heading back to class full-time, part-time or all online, we can help you set your child up to learn, or keep them as safe as possible if they have to head back to class.

How to Make Remote Learning Work for Your Children
When schools and day cares shut down in March, no one thought it would last more than a few months. But in the United States, the COVID-19 pandemic is nowhere near under control. That makes in-person schooling an iffy proposition in many parts of the country.

Even if your school plans to have students on campus for at least part of the school year, it’s wise to prepare for repeated shutdowns, closures, or quarantines when children, teachers and staff test positive for COVID-19. Remote learning is here to stay, so we spoke to several ed-tech experts about identifying possible obstacles and aiming for reasonable goals.

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