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Daily Buzz: Feel Disorganized at Home?

Redesign your remote work schedule

Shifting to remote work likely disrupted your well-established daily routine, causing you frequent stress. The newness of the environment may be a big reason why.

“A lot of the normal rhythms of life have been interrupted by starts, stops, and starts again,” said time management coach Elizabeth Grace Saunders in Fast Company. “In the midst of so much change, it’s easy to end up with an exceptionally disorganized work-from-home schedule.”

There are a few things you can try if you feel disjointed and anxious when working from home. Saunders encourages going to bed and waking up at the same times every day. Pick times that fit your schedule and then set daily alarms for bed and wake-up time.

“There’s enough in your schedule that you can’t predict, so it’s critical that you follow routines when you do have a choice,” Saunders said.

Once you’re up, start the morning off with a bit of “me” time: Relax with a cup of coffee, read for a few minutes or take a short walk. No matter the activity, the point is to make yourself calm and centered so you can take on the day.

Just don’t let the workday go on too long. One of the biggest challenges employees have with remote work is creating clear boundaries between work and life. To combat this, designate a specific time where you stop working.

“To help with keeping yourself accountable to stopping, plan post-work activities such as a call with friends, dinner with your family, or working out. When you have a reason to stop, ending your workday is more compelling,” Saunders said.

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