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TCS Teams Up with MapDynamics and TripleChecker

The new partnership will afford many benefits


Start with a purpose-driven experience for your attendees built around educational sessions, downloadable resources, facilitated discussion or links to go-at-your-own-pace webinars. Increase the participation and return on the event by utilizing their suite of tools supporting sponsors and vendors to facilitate promotion and connection without having to interrupt a video or block out your screen with ads. Event Home Base is designed to bridge the resources, connections and experiences organizations have developed and the needs of a demanding digital landscape

Looking for a virtual conference solution? TCS Software's trusted partner of many years, MapDynamics, now has you covered! Contact MapDynamics' Chris Sikes c: 706-248-3262 for a demonstration.


Ever wonder if you have spelling or grammatical errors on your website Chances are, you do. TripleChecker is a service that will scan your website routinely and notify you when potential errors exist.

Let's face it: Making errors is easy. Catching and fixing errors should be just as easy. TripleChecker does the work to ensure your website never has another error again.

In fact, TripleChecker even: 

  • Finds every spelling error, grammar error and broken link across your entire website, and 
  • Provides daily/weekly scans to catch errors as soon as you make them and before your members do.

Contact Tracy Chapman, TripleChecker at to learn more.

If you have any questions about these services, please contact OSAE member Tim Rorris, TCS Softwarevia email or phone: (614) 451-5010. 

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