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The No. 1 COVID-19 Question Asked of an Executive Team Coach

Awareness and self-trust impact crisis leadership

Erik Kruger is founder of Modern Breed, an international learning and development firm cultivating a new breed of leaders and teams. As a speaker, writer and thinking partner for entrepreneurs and business leaders, Erik shared his expertise with Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO) members during a recent learning event about the future of leadership. We asked Erik how leaders can adapt their leadership style to thrive in the Covid environment. Here's what he shared:

"Now that I can't see my team, how do I make sure they stay productive?"

Of all the questions I've been asked during COVID-19, this one has come up the most. At face value, it's a good question: It speaks to the idea of project management, of making sure our teams know what to do.

But, if you listen closely to how some leaders are asking these questions, you'll pick up on something deeper. More subconsciously (and honestly), the question really is, "Now that I can't see my team, I'm not sure I trust them--how do I keep them productive?" So, leaders set out to find strategies that will make them feel in control. Yet, something is still amiss.

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