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How an Open-access Model Could Work for Your Journal

Concern about lost revenue has left many associations reluctant to try it

For many years, there have been calls for scholarly journals to be open access, or free to readers. While open access benefits both authors publishing their work and the public at large, it tramples the subscription revenue model that has propelled journals to success.

Much like other organizations, the American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB) has struggled with these competing principles of revenue and access. Recently, ASCB announced it is adopting a “subscribe to open” plan that maintains revenue, while allowing the journal to be open access.

“We want to get the revenue in, but we also want to help our members get their research out,” said Erika Shugart, PhD, CEO of ASCB. “Our bottom line is, this allows us to remain smart in our business and keep the revenue while still achieving our mission.”

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