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Group Creates Program to Help State’s Small Counties Distribute COVID-19 Grants

The Nevada Association of Counties took action to help its constituents

Counties provide many resources for their citizens, and since the pandemic began, they have been in overdrive when it comes to offering needed services. When counties in Nevada realized there were federal funds in the CARES Act available to distribute to local businesses affected by the pandemic, they were relieved to be able to help constituents, said Dagny Stapleton, executive director of the Nevada Association of Counties (NACO). Then they realized what administering that money would entail.

“It would have taken a ton of time,” Stapleton said. “Developing the application, developing a portal, looking at everything the federal government requires—W9s, tax returns, profit and loss statements, screening individual applications, reaching out to the businesses if the application wasn’t complete. It would take at least a couple of weeks of a staff person’s time, and most counties wouldn’t have had the capacity to do it.”

Instead of having each county go through this process, NACO stepped in to help. The group took its lead from the state’s largest country, Clark, which had developed its own grant program to dole out CARES Act dollars.

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