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The Ohio Controlling Board Rejects Plan to Pre-pay Postage for Mail Ballots

The cost to the state would have been $3 million

Ohioans choosing to vote by mail this year will likely have to buy their own stamps to mail their ballots back, after a GOP-run state budget board blocked the secretary of state's plan to cover the cost of postage.

Republican Secretary of State Frank LaRose came up short on Monday, after members of his own party on the Ohio Controlling Board voted 4-2 to deny his request for $3 million to cover postage costs for ballots this fall.

The Ohio Controlling Board is a panel of lawmakers that controls changes to the state budget. LaRose was asking to use an additional $3 million from his office's existing funds to buy return postage for mail-in ballots. Republicans voting against the request argued this was not a decision for the Ohio Controlling Board to make, and some questioned if LaRose even has the authority to cover the cost of return postage in the first place.

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