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Member Dues Installment Options Are a Win-win

Online payment options look like they are here to stay

A lot of associations are discussing the pros and cons of installment payments for membership dues, especially given the current climate of economic uncertainty. I followed up with Melody Jordan-Carr, vice president of membership at the American Trucking Associations (ATA)—who gave some great advice on Collaborate—to find out why monthly dues installments work at ATA.

ATA is a trade association and so dues amounts vary. It offers monthly dues installments in addition to quarterly and semi-annual options. For smaller company members, who are really focused on their quarterly revenue, having a monthly payment means they don’t have a big expense up front when they join or renew.

“It allows them a little bit of room to breathe,” Jordan-Carr said. It also gives them flexibility to align their payments based on their fiscal year without having to take the hit from a big invoice all at once. “It’s what’s best for them. It gives them options."

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