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You Need This Much Sleep to Avoid Cognitive Decline

It's not beauty rest - it's brain sleep

You’ve heard it before: Too little sleep makes you exhausted, dumb and sad. But a simple nap will snap you right back into your smart, peppy self, right?

A new JAMA study says nope, because low sleep correlates with lower cognitive function—the permanent kind. That sound you hear is tired people everywhere muttering oh *%$&.

Cohorts of 28,756 people in China and the U.K. reported their nightly sleep hours and underwent cognitive testing, and then repeated the process four years later. All were over age 45. The resulting curve is a U-shape centered around seven hours of sleep: People who get less or more sleep have lower cognitive functioning. And people who reported sleeping around four hours or over 10 hours per night showed not just lower functioning, but also speedier cognitive decline. Agh.

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