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The Best Projectors You Can Buy (and 2 Great Screens)

Whether for business or personal use, these are great

There is nothing like watching your favorite films in a dark room on a massive screen. For that authentic movie theater experience, you'll need a projector (and a popcorn maker).

Barring the fact we're in the middle of a pandemic, it's a good time to be considering this classic viewing tech. You used to have to shell out tens of thousands of dollars to get an excellent projected experience, but you can now get a massive, beautiful picture for less than the cost of a flagship TV. Projectors are also much more portable and easier to set up than they were before. There are excellent pocket-sized and short-throw models that make lawn-side movie nights as easy as finding an extension cord and a level chair to set them on. Below are our favorite models, and a couple of screens to pair with them.

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