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New Partnership Commits to Increasing Scholarly Research on Systemic Racism

How it affects children is very important to study

Recognizing there is a dearth of research on structural racism’s impact on children, three membership organizations have partnered to change that. The American Educational Research Association (AERA), the Society of Research on Adolescence (SRA), and the Society for Research in Child Development have jointly committed to advancing more scholarly research on the topic.

“Examining ways in which racism affects minority populations is not a new phenomenon,” says Velma McBride Murry, president of SRA. “What is new is the way scholars have begun to address the topic. There is a greater elevation beyond just the individual experiences of minority people—but looking at institutional systems that have been created and their effect.”

Tony Pals, AERA’s director of communications, agreed. “Our new effort represents a redoubling of our commitment to advance more innovative, high-quality research on this issue that can inform effective education practices and policies and enhance the public’s understanding,” he said.

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